How to Solve Level 6 in 100 Missions Android

To solve level 6 in 100 missions game, you firstly find a knife around bedroom area
Tap the door to get inside the bedroom
Zoom in that room to find a knife
Take a knife under the right beds pillow.

game 100 Missions all Level

Tap the left bed then zoom in a stereo radio player and from the top try to find an metal rod and take it.

Find items in kitchen area
Go back and tap the door in front, then the one to the left to enter the kitchen
Take a bottle of vodka from the table to the right and a large pan from the counters on the left.

Search items around microwave
Tap the microwave then zoom in and pick up the bottles oil at right and top an one of chemical.
In your inventory, put the vodka in the pan.
Add the oil and chemicals.
Add the pan in the microwave oven.

Now the guard enter the kitchen then get hurry to go out and use the metal rod on the door to close the kitchen door with the guards inside.

Got to right to enter the newly flooded room and click the red valve to pick up from the pipe.
Go back and use the red valve to smash the fire extinguisher glass on the wall in order to get it.
Beat guard in 100 mission level 6
Go back and move a screen back and tap the right arrow and zoom in on the guard
Use the extinguisher to knock him down.
Take pistol and a silver key from him

Now tap the big gray pipe near him and use the valve on it, then click it.
Go back to the room where the water in the flooded room we had is now gone and pick up a screwdriver at the right bottom

Go to the bedroom again and zoom in on the stereo player again.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew all the screws on the left speaker to get the circular magnet.
Go back twice and once to the left and use the silvery key on the drawer to get some bullets.
Go back once more to the unflooded room and zoom in on the metal grate on the floor.
Use the screwdriver with the screws to remove the grate and then combine the knife with magnet and get the gun clip.
In your inventory, put the bullets in the clip and the clip in the gun.
With your pistol selected in your inventory just go all the way to the door with the guard is there and the pistol then tap it with the gun selected to exit the room.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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