How to Solve Level 7 in 100 Missions Android

Tips to finish level 7 in 100 missions game
Look at the room to find and take the set of diving fins in the top right corner.
Go to right and tap the lady whom telling you 3 numbers that are 714.

game 100 Missions all Level

Go back to the right then click on the locker with the number lock.
Follow these instructions to get the locker unlocked with the combination 714
Use brute force to get the first number 9.
So select and enter 9714 on the lock in order to get it unlocked and opened.

Take the large red fire extinguisher to get the fire in this room extinguished.
Go to the left and forward to where fire is.
Go hurry to use the fire extinguisher on the fire.g. Focus on the locker there and you will see the code: 1,8,70,627 in one of the lockers

Afterward you just need to find the next number in the sequence.
Notes as if you battle, the answer is 5639.
That numbers are from these calculation1 * 9 1 = 8. 8 * 9 2 = 70. 70 * 9 3 = 627. 627 * 9 4 = 5639i.
Go to the lockers and with that code 5639

Look inside the locker to take the key, sheet of paper containing colors and numbers, and oxygen tanks.
Now go back to the room where you started from.
Look at there will be a locked bag on a box. Use the silver key to open that bag.
Then take the hammer from it.

Go to the locker with code 1,8,70,627 then use the hammer to take off the locker door.
Go to the room with the steel stairs and climb it for later.
Look at the stairs and use the locker door to fix.
Climb the stairs and take the diving goggles.
Use the hammer on the bottom left crate.
Then take both the length of steel chain and the dark metal key on the hand rail.
Use the key to open the lock next to the lady.
Use the chain on the hook.
Look at the DB board on that room to find the puzzle.

Use the sheet of paper containing colors and numbers to resolve that puzzle
Solving the puzzle button with the column row and the right numbers

Tapping a button once will be red
Tapping a button once again will be yellow.
Tapping a button again will be blue.
Tapping a button again will be off.
For the below display puzzle
The columns are from left to right
The rows from top to bottom:The first number under each color is the column number
The next number is the row number.

Tips to solve the puzzle
Column 1, row 2 has to be red
Column 2, row 5 has to be red
Column 3 row 1 has to be red
Column 4 row 4 has to be red.
Try to do the same with yellow and blue.

Now you will figure out the hint or clues for the last puzzle that will be using the arrows up, down, up.
Go under the stairs to check and change the middle lever of both the top and bottom row to point down by tapping it twice
Just get back to the cage room to make the pool will be full of watery.
At last tap the water to complete this missions

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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