Stars Score Cheats 3D Monster Trucker Parking Simulator Game 2 on Android

Select game mode and complete each stage to rack up score
Playing in the Normal option is the best one to pick.

3D Monster Trucker Parking Simulator 2 Guides

Then you will be brought to handle the realistic hill-climb physics, land big air jumps on track
And you will be prompted to master a jumping of the hills at blazing speeds
So just drive the truck at various angles and try to survive along the game

When starting this game for the first time, you will be served with a choice of three steering controls. There is Buttons that you can use buttons for left and right
Tilt the screen to move the car either left or right
Use Wheel to give you the option of having a steering wheel to manoeuvre the truck in that The Wheel is the best option out of the three as it gives you a full range of motion
However this is down to preference and can be changed at any time by pressing pause on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Every mission in this game has three stars available, which is explained how they can be obtained at the previous statement.
Anyway when playing as a combination of all three objectives, you can gain the maximum amount of stars. Then you will be able to gain more points for completing the missions as fast as possible.
Furthermore, this game will also give you an option to skip onto the next level without having to complete the current one.

In line with this, you will either have to pay or watch a mandatory advert in that you can do get board of the same level then skipping to the next by watching an advert.

Besides, skipping the next level, you will be offered with three different camera angles in order to play through.
It will be handy to switch between these views depending on the level and the task. In accordance to this it will help to switch the visibility from time to time in order to help with the control of the truck.

In addition, you can apply good technique to help you control the vehicle that is by tapping the throttle, and by timing when you should let go.
Surely, you need a brake to assist you when slowing or stopping
Anyway, there is a fine balance of both throttle and break that needs to be used when stopping to park and when trying to avoid a crash in each mission.

When going up terrain, you can try to balance the throttle response in relation to the steepness
And, you can drive over a ramp by letting go of the throttle once you are in the air
Make sure to land safely at this point.

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