Net Points Cheats 9 Innings 2014 Pro Baseball on Android

Playing in 9 innings 2014 pro baseball will bring you to play through numerous season modes, trading players, pitching, hitting and fielding on your own so that you will earn more rewards allowing you to perform better during the season mode.

9 innings pro baseball tips

Anyway, you can automate almost as much of the gameplay as you want in this game, but you will earn no rewards for anything that you automate.
therefore, for having maximum possible point rewards, cards, and other rewards, you have to play in various modes available on this game

In pitching mode, your strategies must be like in the real life baseball strategies.
At this point, you have to aim toward the corners of the strike zone.
At the same time, consider to change speeds that you can do by switching up the pitch types more often in which it is to confuse the batting AI.

Note that, different batters will have weaknesses against different pitches
Meanwhile different pitchers will have their own strengths that need to be accounted for.

On the other side, playing in batting mode will not the same as playing in pitching mode where you do not have to aim for the pitch location as you only have to time them.

When playing in this mode, try to be patient at the plate then take balls in order to force the pitcher to throw you strikes, and take bad strikes in order to get better strikes.

If you you work the count for more, a pitcher will get tired, that is causing them to make mistakes.
According to this, the pitches closest to the middle of the plate are the ones that can do the most damage when you hit them.

Depending on a player’s strength, you will be allowed to switch between the normal swing, upward swing and downward swing.
Fast players will be good at downward swings, while power hitters will be good at upward swings which are more commonly land as base hits for all players.

You can also use the normal swing in which you can use bunts to sacrifice an out in order to move players up a base or to squeeze a quick run home if you have less than two outs.

Points and net points will be used as the currencies of this game.
Net points are used for trading can be earned by putting your own players up on the market.

Thus, if you have more popular player, you will be willing to shell out for them
For such reasons, you can search your players in the market to see what their average market values are relative to the strength of the card.
Afterwards, you can list and sell them to earn enough net points so that you will be able to get the players that you really want.

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