Cash Cheats Ace Fishing Wild Catch on Android

When playing ace fishing wild catch game, always use the best equipment to get the big fish
At the beginning of the game, you start fishing in a new area, make sure you equip your self with your most basic equipment first so that you get the easy fish in that area.

ace fishing wild catch tips

Once getting your first purpose, you can go to your tacklebox and equip your stronger equipment that is the more expensive stuff that will show you a better shot at catching the bigger fish, and especially foe the boss fish in each area.

In order to catch the basic fish in this game, you simply wait for the fish to jump, jerk to the indicated side and let the reel turn multiple times to fill up your power bar
Because of this effort, you can then use your special skill to knock out that fish.

When you come to bigger fish and boss fish, you will struggle to catch them and bounce the tension meter off of the ā€œpā€ over and over to fill up the bar.

At this point, you must get it filled up before you run out of line then use your special skill or pull back on the line.

On the other side, if you have a long line or if the fish is not out of range from where you stand, you can try to let the tension drop on the line, then hold the button and let the reel spin as many times as possible in order to fill your special move bar quickly.
If you do in more consecutive times, the power up bar will increase in a quick time.

In the way of earning some cash in this game, you can sell some fishes that you have gathered from every area to another

Therefore, just stick to every fish that you catch into the fish tanks whereby common fish mature will earn you some coins by selling them in the market.

Moreover, rare fish, special fish and boss fish will take long period to mature but you will get the extra rewards when you do sell them at full size.

After having some more fishing actions, always repair your fishing rod before the durability runs out.
Otherwise, it will be unrepairable, and losing a premium or expensive fishing line will set you back a long way.

Meanwhile, always check out the energy bar right next to the next fish you want to knock out with some moves you will use.

In line with this, your various moves such as yanking, jerking to the side etc will reduce the energy bar so that once the bar empties out, the fish will be easily to catch in a quick time.

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