Gems Cheats Adventure Land Rogue Runner on Android

Adventure Land Rogue Runner is a new endless runner game, where you will play as a completely random character with different traits on cards that you get before you start your journey.

adventure land rogue runner tips

Here, coins and gems are the main types of currency in which you can use coins to redo your card spins or use more than three cards per round.
At this point, just use them if you have a really lousy card in your hand, like a Pauper card or a Gargantuan card.

Furthermore, in the way of earning a lot of coins, you can get the high treasure chests easily by simply jumping on every platform that you see in order to stay as high in the air as you can
When being in this position, you can shoot your weapon at as high of a point as possible.

It is caused by, the weapon will fly ahead and hit the treasure chest
For such reason, you will earn the coins at the same time.

During the play, you will be allowed to shoot oddball enemies such as living geysers and fires, singing cactii, and frogs with spears.
If you have a card in a vegetarian, try to avoid the meat as each one will take away one heart.
And, you will be given four hearts if you are healthy

However, if you are delicate, you will only have two
And, if you get both, they will cancel each other out.
Note that getting a pyromancer will kill cactii in one hit, but you will not be able to kill water enemies in this game.

As well as getting your new cards, you will also gain experience levels
Meanwhile, you will not need energy in this game so you can play as you want while gaining experience levels for your heroes.
Even though being in level 15, the maximum level of this game, you can still earn new cards and more cards are await you in this game.

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