Diamond Gold Cheats Adventure Town on Android

If you want to earn you gold coins in adventure town supersolid game, all you will do is to adjust the time on your phone for few hours

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In this new city building action RPG, you will be assigned to explore and liberate the town and the surrounding area from the massive swarm of monsters surrounding it

Meanwhile, you will also be tasked to build and expand your town in which you will still have a duty of earning gold and diamonds in the process.

In order to earn coins in quick way, all you have to do is just to set the time on your phone device for few hours or so that you think it will give enough coins.

Moreover, you can also use such trick to collect them from the guardian statue, to wait for buildings to complete, or any activity that usually needs time to complete in the game.

According to the time setting, when setting the time ahead, go back to the app, but do not start completing or collecting just yet.

Besides it, just go right back to the time and date settings, and set the time back to normal
Afterward, you can go back to the app to get anything fulfilled as you want.

In line with this, everything that you do with the time setting trick will still be ready to collect and complete as it is supposed to be.
Thus, you can do this trick many times without having to set the time insanely far ahead.

On the other side, there will be alternative to gather enough gold and diamonds besides applying the time setting tricks

To get gold coins for free, you simply go to the “Free Gold” tab in the top area of the screen
There, you will be given a chance to earn free gold and free diamonds by completing various tasks.

The quests of this game will give another way of collecting currency and heroes as well
In related to this, you can complete the quests on the left side of the screen if you want to find out something that you want.

Furthermore, those quests are your path to unlock new heroes and new areas, as well as new expansions that will be your new territory.

When invading new areas, you will be brought to any dungeons that you have to destroy, or whatever else that you meet along your journey.

In addition, you can fill your entire available town area with shops, houses and farm patches so that you will have some sources to collect coins.

For such reasons, filling your town with shops are a great idea as they will allow you to collect crafting materials and they also restock to earn coins.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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