Tokens Fedoras Cheats Agent P DoofenDash on Android

In agent p doofendash game, you can get more tokens coins by watching promotional videos
Here, just swipe left and right to move the Agent Perry in the corresponding direction, while swiping upwards causes him jump, and swiping down causes him roll.

agent p doofendash tips

On the other words, you will merely direct Agent P: DoofenDASH to easily run, jump, roll and dodge to avoid Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s traps and a series of obstacles such as lasers, girders, and barrels get in the way, plus there are gliding scenes to traverse, too.

While showing off your actions, you will be tasked to pick up tokens and fedoras along the track so that you can purchase and find all sorts of cool gadgets, power-ups, characters then unlock a new superhero suit such as Major Monogram directs Agent P, Peter the Panda, Pinky the Chihuahua, and Terry the Turtle to chase down Dr. Doofenshmirtz and stop him from his evil attempts to take over the tri-state area.

In the way of collecting free tokens, just go back to the main menu and tap the button “get free stuff”, then pick whatever that comes to the tokens.

At this point, you can simply watch videos to earn tokens for free in which those offers can earn you a ton of tokens soon after you have watched one of the videos offer.

On the other side, keep running as far as you can in the main rounds, even when Dr. Doofenshmirtz is on your tail as this will give you free tokens as well.

Once collecting a massive amount of tokens, you can use them to purchase gadgets so that you can beat Dr. Doofenshmirtz and run for an endless amount of time even with Dr. Doofenshmirtz attacking you, as long as you can successfully avoid his attacks.

Besides, having the blasters with the tokens will also be needed as well as the other upgrades that can help you collect far more tokens and get farther in the stage.

Therefore, you can try getting the magnetizer, which will automatically draw tokens to you when you pick it up on every track.

Invincibility upgrade will simply allow you to go farther in the stage but ignore the baby head and the ducky Momo unless you have plenty of fedoras to spend on it.

There are three types of blasters that you can buy including the water blaster, the torch blaster, and the electric blaster that are all strong against various iterations of Doofenshmirtz.

Use the water blaster when fighting against his fire attacks
Use the torch blaster when Doofenshmirtz uses the ice attacks to attack your agent
When Doofenshmirtz uses water attacks you can use the electric blaster to dealt with it.

In line with this, although you have only one blaster, you have to fire it as often as possible until you finally take down Doofenshmirtz and get a reward.

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