High Points Cheats Airplane Fly Hawaii on Android

Airplane Fly Hawaii is a flight simulator game, where you will be served with plenty of jet-propelled thrills
Here, you will be allowed to select from a number of planes and take part in several flying missions around the Hawaii islands, while unlocking new aircraft using points earned in-game or through separate purchases.

airplane fly hawaii tips

When starting to play this game, you will use two general control functions.
A meter on the lower left hand side controls indicating the speed of your aircraft that will guide you to increase and decrease it however you please
Furthermore, you will only use it for takeoffs and landings.

In line with this, you have to pay attention to the meters that appear on the top left corner of the screen, in which it shows you where you need to go using a red marker on its compass.
So if your plane is pointed that way, you are going in the right direction.

On the other side, the analog stick on the lower right hand side of the screen controls indicating the direction of your plane that will guide how to keep a steady distance above the ground and pass over mountains so that you can avoid a nasty crash during your flight.
At this point, fuel and speed are also worth paying attention to, when you are on the air for lont period so that you will not miss the destination.

When taking off and landing, the general rule is to watch your speed and plane positioning.
Take-offs are rather easy, as you simply need to bring your plane up to speed and get its nose up.
Meanwhile when landings, you will want to decrease speed enough so you can tip the plane down so that its wheels will come out and land on the ground safely.

When going for each flying mission, you will be brought to fly from one Hawaiian island to another that you have to earn points along the way.
Once collecting points, you can accumulate them to unlock a number of vehicles, including helicopters, jumbo jets, 747s and even jet fighters even.
Thus, if you fly with bigger jet, you will earn more points.
Moreover, if you can fly with faster jet, you will reach the destination in a fast time than with standard plan available in this game.

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