Bonus Points Cheats Anchorman 2 Scotchy Scotch Toss Combo on Android

This game will put you in the hot seat across from Ron Burgundy, a successful anchorman with his rockstar lifestyle who needs a little help of putting ice cubes in your never-ending glass of scotch.

scotchy scotch toss tips

Furthermore, you will be assigned to accomplish this task for the esteemed Mr. Burgundy, tossing ice cubes into his scotch in four different Anchorman themed locations.
In line with this, those locations include a snazzy new New York apartment, Ron’s pimped out RV, the divey yet classy Tino’s Jazz Bar and the News Team’s 24 hour newsroom.

Before throwing ice on the glass, there are many things you have to consider in that the glass is not in the center of the screen.
Because of being in the four locations, Ron’s glass maybe slightly toward one side or another.
For such reasons, the airflow will affect your aim as the game will generate “wind” making it difficult for aiming.

Therefore, try to toss the ice into the wind in order to curve into the glass.
Remember not to toss the ice too hard, because it will carry further than you wanted it to.

The four different locations with interactive environments will get you to bounce the ice off of, and some of them will give you points as reward.
According to this, you have to try making combo to get more points whereby bouncing the ice of off Ron’s face will earn you more points.
Making some combos are more difficult which will also need the right conditions for the ice to make it into the glass.

Sometimes, Baxter will howl to blow the ice forward in which you will have to try your luck with bouncing ice of things into the glass at the right time.

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