Big Bang Coins Cheats Angry Birds Go on Android

In angry birds go game, you can get more gold coins and gems along the race
Here, you will come to characters with unique abilities that will bring you in different karts with goal to finish in the top three in various forms of races, and win various versus-style and other random styles of races, collecting coins and gems and upgrading your kart.

angry birds go tips

On the other side, you will need more gold coins to upgrade your kart so that you will always take part and win every race
Eventually, you will just drive through gold coins to collect them.

At this point, you will also be required to collect gems whereby every time you beat Champion Chase events you will be awarded to have gems
In the way of collecting them, you are be able to gather a couple spread along the tracks during races.

In order to unlock characters in this game, you can purchase Telepods figures and place these toys on the device’s camera to beam these heroes and villains into the game.
Besides, you can try beating characters in special Champion Chase events.

Meanwhile, your characters have five energy apiece, and once the energy runs out, they need 30 minutes to recharge their energy.

Usually, you simply go to sleep to regenerate your energy then continue playing with different character, or you can recharge the current one with 10 gems.

Alternatively, you can speed up energy regeneration by simply setting the time on your phone.
Set the time ahead by around 30 minutes for every piece of energy that you want to refill immediately. After doing that, set the time back to normal on your phone or tablet in order to get your energy back.

When transforming your karts into efficient speed machines, you will need to make upgrades across the following four categories namely Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Strength.
Note that be sure that you have enough gold coins before doing some upgrades for your karts

Upgrading every skill on your kart especially for strength to their maximum levels will level up your kart so that you can upgrade everything else even more.

Moreover, your CC goes up on your kart depending on the upgrades you buy.
Every time you do some upgrades your CC will be increased, so if you have not unlocked something yet due to not enough CC, you can keep working on upgrading everything to the maximum level.

Once getting your karts upgraded you can now take part in the races
According to this, you can use powers to run your karts as fast as possible
So during a race, wait until the lightning bolt icon in the right side of the screen fills up then tap it to activate your character’s special ability.
In addition, before going to race, you will be given the opportunity to pull back on your character and then launch him or her onto the track.

Thus take a time when the timer reaches the number one three, two, one and go right before the announcer screams go
Remember not to do it too early, as your character will spin out and get off to a bad start anyway.

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