Crystals Coins Cheats Animal Voyage Island Adventure for Android

Just play the match to earn more free coins cash in animal voyage island adventure game
Collecting coins will get you to buy new houses and decorations for your animals

animal voyage tips

For such reasons, try to get more coins by playing the match three games with your animals.
The newer animal will come to the more coins in their match three game generally

Meanwhile, easy match three games will not give you too many coins, but difficult ones will make you earn you the most coins and experience points.

On the other side, completing quests will earn coins as they can be found in the regular brown crates around the islands.

Furthermore, you can also find coins in animal home, so just collect those coins whenever you see a coin icon appearing above an animal home.

Try to earn leaves by chopping down every piece of grass, stumps, trees or other obstacles that you can find along the way.

In accordance with this, just send animals out on a voyage and make sure you have enough food to keep their energy high, then go chop down everything that you see during there.

And if you need more leaves for an expansion, save your energy by not playing the match-3 games so that you can use all of your energy on cutting down trees, grass and other plant obstacles.

Besides, if you are running out on leaves, sail out on a voyage back to any one of the islands that you are exploring or that you already have explored.

Find the gold crates hold items as they are a necessary structure to build or repair and to complete a quest, such as a bridge or a lighthouse.

Meanwhile, the brown crates hold shovels, coins, or other random items and some are needed to complete repairs as well.

Having crystals will be the most important as the can be used to buy new animals and speed up any task that you are working on
Moreover, you can also get the premium decorations for your animal`s house.

In other way to collect gems, you simply open a golden crate to earn free gems as a reward for opening that crate.
As additional, completing the quest of repairing the Tower of Time will earn you free gems as a reward.

Just for notice once having those crystals you can buy decorations, but make sure to place them on the right spot as once placing them, you can neither sell them nor move them.

The main goal playing this game is to explore various islands, rescuing trapped animals, and building homes for them.

According to this, you have to make sure to always keep a stash of food like growing blueberries over and over in the beginning of game.

In order to restore their energy, you must feed your animal regularly so that you can either use them for various tasks such as chopping trees or digging up grass or to play the match three games with them to earn the main currency of this game.

Try to unlock more spots to grow your food by finding shovels so that it will speed up the process.
Because of this, you can find shovels randomly when you clear obstacles such as grass and trees
And you can also earn them from crates that are on the various explorable islands.

In addition, you can unlock different types of food by finding the bush where the food grows when being in an island.

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