Gold Cheats Animas Online on Android

Animas Online is new action-RPG, where you will play as knights for the kingdom ruled by Lionheart that is one of three Animas
Here, you can replay old missions to earn more rewards including gold and experience points

animas online tips

In the beginning of the game, previous levels will get progressively tougher as you go through in the middle of your way
For such reasons, you will need better equipment and higher experience levels so that you can go through them successfully.

So if you get stuck during in those levels, you can go back to some old mission levels, fight for experience, gold and prizes.
Oftentimes you can find new weapons or rare goods in replayed levels that you can go back and use later.

During having the battle with some villains, make sure to pick up every single thing that enemies drop when you kill them.
These items will include both gold and various prizes, such as weapons and armor, and even enhancement items and other goods.
Moreover, when you get boxes, you will be able to open them up as soon as you find the applicable key for that box.

As making some progresses, you will get a lot of items
Therefore, if you do not manage your inventory, it will get cluttered very quickly.

In line with this, you will be able to sell off any items that you do not need anymore, such as your old weapons or armor.
Just sell everything that you cannot equip, then save up the gold so that you can buy better items from the shopkeeper.
In the mean time, try to save any item that you can equip at a higher level, so that you can take advantage of it once you unlock it.

The arena is a survival mode that allows you to test your skill against other players, against increasingly stronger sets of enemies, and against the whole of the Animas Online world.

If you get higher arena rank, you will face tougher battles that come to more rewards.
If you want to start winning again, intentionally lose a bunch of battles in order to drop your arena rank so you get matched against easier enemies that will make you win it easily.
In addition, you can also connect the game to Facebook so that you can play and solve missions along with your friends playing the game.

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