How to Get Stars to Temple of Bloom in Anthill Android

When playing anthill game, be sure to complete each goal to earn stars
Here you have to protect the hill from the wave of enemy bugs so you need to ensure all of your six-legged warriors are working to both protect your home and complete the level goals.

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Meanwhile in each of the Anthill missions, you will spread across four themed stages with a specific task, such as taking a precious gem from behind a line of goo-spitting baddies.

Once completing the mission you will collect stars to upgrade your troops with four types of ants to deploy namely workers, soldiers, spitters and drones or bombers.

On the other word, by using more Stars, you can upgrade your units grow and develop your colony but you will be drastically underpowered unless you have prepared to replay missions to earn the full three Stars firstly.
So send tiny ants to war to lead you to collect the spoils of victory.

You troop consists of workers, soldiers, spitters and bombers
Soldier ants will attack anything they come into contact with.
Spitter ants offer artillery support, spraying out vile blobs of goo at attackers.
Bombers are flying ants that drop explosive cocktails
Workers are there to clean up the mess and bring in the food.

Set them to protect it from invaders, gather food in order to make sure your colony survive in long term.
You will get attacked by ladybirds, beetles, and the other creepy crawlies intent on stealing your sustenance and and destroying your well-tended mound so that you have to counter their advances with a number of units at your disposal.
Note that the attackers come in waves, and you have to fend off a set number of these in every level.

You have to take food taken from the form of small grubs and the corpses of your slain aggressors.
With this food, you can produce more ants as being the better defended your anthill.
But you must try to balance offensive trails with food-collecting trails.

So take take down a bug with your soldiers by tapping the screen to send out bomber ants to defeat those ladybugs in the combat zone.

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