HP Loot Life Cheats Ark of the Ages on Android

When playing ark of the ages game, you must gather more items with money cash from loot you have got during completing quests
You must also complete quests to earn more currency so that you can buy items with it

Ark of the Ages guides

In order to earn various enchantments you can connect with friends.
Just go back to the village to rest and sell loot in order to get free money to buy potions inside the dungeon, or items that automatically increase your levels.

In addition with all loot you have you can customize your character, and items, weapons and equipment.
By equipping items and weapons found in dungeons or purchased in shops, you will be able to mold characters to your preferred play-style.

You will have just to swipe your finger over the enemy to attack and a neat little dungeon crawler that works well enough on phones.
When doing so you have to pay attention in an action bar that needs to reload if depleted.

So keep it away of being empty completely so that you can safely block by holding two fingers to the screen.
This will negate almost all damage from enemy attacks, and there will be no penalty if you block for long periods.
Swiping on the screen simulates a blade strike while an enemy attack can easily be blocked by a well-timed shield command.

Players will delve deep into a series of 24 dungeons in search of loot, prosperity and furious battle which is filled with various obstacles which you have to avoid in order to stay alive.

On the other side offensive combat is executed through a series of swipes across the screen simulating blade slashes, and attacks can be directly blocked through properly timed use of the characters’ shield.

During in a battle, you can use a special ability that is sparks to deal a high level of damage to the enemy while causing a small amount of damage to yourself.
Try to power sparks up in various ways by connecting with your friends online.

Mostly the battles will follow a simple pattern of attack, block, repeat even if the sparks are included. Sparks and normal attacks will occasionally stun an enemy, allowing you to deal huge damage as well.

In getting experiences in this game you will go through multi-level dungeons, opening chests, unlocking doors, avoiding traps, and fighting enemies. So experienced dungeon crawlers will pick up on the game right away, while new players will figure it out on the fly.

As getting progress through every mission in this game you will pick up all sorts of loot to be used as upgrades. You can get much more powerful weapons from the loot or purchase them from shops.

You can take an advantage by using a social aspect of the GREE platform to connect you with your friends so that the more your friends you connect online the more bonuses such as getting an increased frequency of special attacks needed to play the game successfully.

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