Money Coins Cheats Assassin`s Creed Pirates on Android

When playing assassin`s creed pirates game, you can travel across the sea while battling any other ships for money and glory
Then, you can participate in a series of ships in the open sea while fighting off the British navy, searching for treasure, and unraveling hidden secrets of the Assassin’s Creed universe.

assassin`s creed pirates guides

For further story, you will start sailing with your own ship like patrolling ships of a nautical Flight Control in that you will go through stealth missions

Once sailing your ships for some periods, you will get your bounty, which can be spent on hiring deck hands and other crew members and increasing your ship’s perks and having a bigger boat to withstand fiercer barrages from enemy armadas.

When being in your voyage, you will be assigned to accomplish some quests with a set of secondary objectives such as completing it under a time limit that can be completed for greater rewards.

So try completing the secondary objectives in each side quest to unlock more resources that will give you more room to buy upgrades and earn experience faster.

You have to consider offense and defense when facing enemies in the combat
During the offensive stage, you will see a set of weapon icons at the bottom of the screen that you have to tap to use it against the enemy ship.

During the defensive stage, the camera pulls back to an overhead view that will give you a spot of firing lines appearing on screen
Therefore, your ship must be dodged by tapping one of the circular buttons which is on the left or right of the screen.
And, five consecutive dodges will earn you a “spider shot” icon at the bottom of the screen, which ends the defensive stage immediately when tapped.

If you have got enough cash, you have to equip your ship with a perk that increases the damage of your next attack like a mortar volley.
On the other side, you can use a speed boost during a race mission, not on the open sea.

Try to aim better as it will determine the power of your shots when shooting other ship
And, any cannonballs the target dodges will reduce damage done.
In means smaller, faster ships like gunboats can be particularly tricky to hit with a full volley.
Note that not to fire where the enemy is but fire where they will move their ship.

When getting involved in the gun battle, your cannons will take time to reload so try to aim at your enemy as they drift casually back and forth.
When they turn to fire, you are presented with a couple of buttons that can scoot you out of the way as soon as your enemy’s line of fire appears.

The trick to avoid hit is to dodge when a moving white line touches your ship do so consistently.
Once being in the right position, go with your weapons as the destructive variety will be injected by the mortars, swivel guns and other new weapons.

Using the swivel gun like the broadside operates on a timer.
This weapon is most useful hitting weak points and you can use the swivel’s weaker standard hit to make up for whiffed broadside fire.

Try using your weapons as quickly as possible and reload as quickly as possible to give you more of an opportunity to hit enemies again in a single turn.
In addition, during ship battles, your craft is capable of rapidly dodging incoming cannon fire, while going forward or reversing with a speed.

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