Gems Coins Cheats Astro Boy Dash on Android

If you want to get gems and to survive in every track in Astro Boy Dash game, be sure to complete each given task

astro boy dash guides

Here, you will be the rocket-powered boy robot with plenty of obstacles to avoid, coins to collect and mighty special powers to unleash.

On the other words, as being a hero who is assigned to unlock some of the better power-ups, as well as to collect coins while flying along the street.

Moreover, there will be a bunch of unlockables such as alternative skins and a new character, the adorable female Uran in that you can also earn additional power-ups to go for further into the game.

In order to earn gems in this game, you will have to complete missions in fairly basic tasks, such as “Collect 100 coins,” “Score 25,000 points” and “Run 1000 meters that you can use to unlock certain characters available in the game.

Collecting enough games will keep you going and you can spend a few gems to restart Astro.
You will also earn a bonus gem the first time around as a “resurrection” reward.

You will just tilt your device to the left or the right to move Astro across the lanes.
Then swipe upwards to make him jump, downwards to make him crouch under fences and overhead objects
Then, swipe left or right depending on which way you want him to turn.

Coins in this game are spreading and laid out in strings along the track throughout each stage
Occasionally, you will have to jump in the air to collect them while avoiding oncoming obstacle.

Once collecting enough coins, you can unlock new characters such as the pretty female character Uran with the same abilities as Atom that you can get for your collections.

Moreover, the other two characters are modified versions of Atom
One is in a full shirt and jeans outfit
The other one is in a special robotic costume.

Furthermore, you can purchase the magnet power-up to enable coins to be drawn towards you in that they upgrade as you run further into the game – first at 100 meters, then at 250 meters, and so on.

With the invisibility, you will be invisible for a few seconds in a stage, so that you can pass through objects easily.

For such reasons, you will need reach 150 meters to unlock it, then moving on to 250 meters until to get through all five levels.

The flying boost will help you jet over more dangerous parts of each track whereby you will earn this boost after running 150 meters, then 250, and so forth.

Besides, with the double coins power-up, you can double the coin count after reaching a certain distance in the run.
And you can start at 1,500 meters, then shorten with each run, down to 1,000 and etc.

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