Axe Spirits Cheer Cheats Shipwrecked Lost Island Android

When playing shipwrecked lost island game, you can get axe xp and other resources that you can use to build your outstanding beach paradise

shipwrecked lost island tips

Early on, you will need sqlite editor to be installed into your phone device and close the game first
After installing sqlite editor, search and find shipwrecked > the Brightwood file > assets_rewards.

Afterward scroll down to number 125 that is on the left most column.
Then change every field under ID like changing “cheer” to “axe” or “swords” to “axe”.

Note that try using axe instead of sword as the database for shipwrecked uses the same codes as Brightwood does.

Once changing each field, you have to change the value of each field to be in specific numbers.
Change field “cheer” to “axe” then change its value from “28” to “1000” or whatever you like.
Keep doing so for all 125 slots.

You can change them to xp 1000, cheer 10000, gold 1000, silver 10000 and axe 100.
In addition changing a lot of cheer will be help you complete quests quickly
Now it is time to close Sqlite and start the game.

By doing all those steps, you will get the values of gold, xp, happiness, cheer or courage, axe or swords that you edited the database to receive the number that you want.
Furthermore you can plant as many of the fire pits you want to gain unlimited resources.

Try to completing as many Abernathy quests as possible to get some bricks resources so that you can finish building like the water mill and other buildings.

Once accomplishing the quest, Ms. Abernathy will ask you to discover a “Bricklin” where you can create bricks using clay.
By doing so you will have some bricks to build anything in your island

However if you want to get rid of the quest buildings, you have to wait the ‘expired’ sign disappears and the quest is invisible.
Then you can move the building to your inventory, and delete it from there.

Remember that many buildings and upgrades will take 10-25 stone so that you should start looking for it.
The Stone Cutter requires huge amounts of rocks and you have to stock rocks while waiting the building process.

To get it done quickly, you can upgrade your quarry as high as you can for the stone cutter building process whereby you will want to process as much stone as possible in that building

You have to build it first to be located under “special” when you go to the shop section, right next to the kitchen.

On the other side, the main point is you have to accomplish the quests as much as possible.
Once completing the Starry Eyed Quest, you can make the wood planks from the lumber mill.

So you have to focus on finishing any non limited quests in order to the new ones come up including steel foundry.

You can try getting swords by going to the the area where you buy swords
There you can complete free offers such as downloading apps for free swords.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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