Money Gold Cheats Eyes The Horror Game on Android

When playing eyes the horror game, you have to complete the game by finding all bag of golds location with some clues

eyes the horror game walkthrough

You have to collect twenty bags of gold in different location inside an abandoned house so that you can find an exit that you need to get through before.

When collecting a specified number of bags, it will be determined by your difficulty level while escaping through the front door before the ghost nabs you.

As a clue to find those bags, they will sparkle and stand out even in pitch blackness.
Some of them are stashed away, but you can spot most by standing in one spot and turning around.

To pick up the gold, as well as mysterious eyes, drawn on the walls across the place, you have tap on it once getting closer enough with it.
After collecting those bags and hit the front door, you will be the solely survivor.

In addition the key to complete the objectives is that just learn your way around the house first while checking the map for tracking the random placement of items.

Walking around the house will make your map fill automatically, but it does not show your position of where you are, so you will need to keep track of every twist and turn you take, especially in the basement.

There will be eye symbols which are randomly placed and let you look through the ghost’s eyes for a few moments in which it will be a handy of disorienting tool that can help you plan routes.

Moreover you have to seek and move again to search for those bags and other items such as keys that are randomly strewn about each time you play.

You will only have a single enemy that is a ghost throughout the game. And when she came up just stay calm in a room to hide

When your teeth begin to chatter and the furniture begins to rattle, it means the ghost roams the mansion
So go to find the nearest room and cower in the corner as she will let you abscond with her earthly possessions.

In order to get a way from her, you can do to lock yourself in some room and sit, while praying that she is tired of chasing you and leaves you alone for a while.

The atmosphere of this mansion is dark and dusty in each room.
Whilst wind howls and batters against the walls
Your footsteps thump along and clocks will just tick and tock, then the doors creak when you open them.

Just push against the doors in order to open them, then slide back and forth against them.
When you walk into every door it will open before you, unless they are locked.

Meanwhile a virtual stick on the left screen will allow you to walk around and drag your right finger wherever you want to take a look around the room

On the other word this virtual stick will make you move forward and back and sliding your thumb over the right half of the screen rotates your view, and you pick up objects by tapping them.

You have to accomplish that goal to retrieve bags of money on an old house with some items inside the drawers with a quick tap to open it.

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