Gems Cheats Bakery Town on Android

Bakery Town will allow you to run your very own bakery where you can bake all manner of goods like gorgeous cakes, delicious cookies, mouth-watering muffins, scrumptious pies and more, then sell them to customers for having more money and increasing your happiness rating as well.

bakery town guides

Besides, you can also make some nice drinks like types of coffee and tea or smoothies and yummy milkshakes for your customers
So if you serve tasty treats, your customers will be happy in that it will come to more gems and happiness rating for you

In the way of running your own bakery, you will be assigned to do activities that take much time
In line with this, you must wait for your food to bake, your drinks to mix or your goods to sell once you place them.
As a result, this is the way you get income in this game

Anyway, you can speed up those process in order to get them served instantly
For such reasons, set the time ahead on your phone so that you will speed up the time to make it all happen right away.

Moreover, doing such trick will get your drinks to be sold instantly, and food and drinks that are being cooked or mixed will be ready to serve at a time.

Note that, you do not need to set it ahead too much to finish baking or mixing an item
It is caused by if you do not sell an item at that time, your happiness rating will drop drastically.

Therefore, if you do not have anything to sell, or are busy mixing multiple long term drinks, you can simply stick your door into the storage so that you cannot host customers in the restaurant
Doing so will force your bakery reputation to stay the same.

In order to make as many dishes as possible, you have to maximize the amount of ovens and other appliances with the finest ones.

Furthermore, you can expand your menu, invest in new appliances, display your edible masterpieces and decorate the place with hundreds of cool, fancy and fun items such as wallpapers, windows, doors, tables and chairs

Also, you can employ better chefs with special skills, then add more space and more floors to your bakery so that your business will get famous and lucrative

So if you have more counters, you will have more places to put your goods
Plus, you will have more good that will have been ready to sell at a time.

Meanwhile, try to place more tables and chairs to give customers more room to sit
Beside, doing so will allow you to sell your stuff more quickly.

In addition, following the quests on the right side of the screen will guide you what to do or where to go next.

At this point, you will have to try to complete quests and continue to earn experience levels
Completing some quest will also increase your maximum levels of appliances and counters so that you can build for more in your bakery.

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