Points to Unlock New Stage in Balance of the Shaolin Android

When playing balance of the shaolin full version, you must maintain your balance and beat time of each stage in this extremely addictive game
Here, you must try to find your balance against anything through stages so that every time you passed the stage you will unlock another one with new challenge

balance of the shaolin tips

Along the stages, you will balance our hero in the world’s harshest places including on top of buildings, mountains, volcanoes, and moving trains.
To unlock each stage in this game, you will have to avoid maniacal birds, vicious piranhas, frigid blizzards, and monks who have gone to the dark side.

So try to train your balancing skills in 30-second chunks, designed to keep you entertained for hours then you can move on to endless Remix mode
During the gameplay, you will never stop perfecting your craft and future updates will bring you brand new stages with new environments and obstacles as well.

In the beginning of the game, all you will have to do is to learn the stages
Each of the stages has a catch and you must learn what you have to do in each of them.

The first one tests your jumping skills when the bird appears
Then, the second when the other monk hits you with the sword
And, the third one when lava rises and so on.

You will have to first know exactly how each stage works, in what order the elements come whereby it is always the same then try to best them.

In order to survive in each stage, try not to go lower than 45 degrees
The moment your shaolin leans at an angle lower than 45 degrees, you only have a couple of seconds before he falls. So try to always keep the balance in between 90 and 45 degrees.

You may not have to time your jumps perfectly
For example as soon as the lava starts rising, you can stat jumping.
Even if you land while the lava is still high, you will not have to restart.
Doing so will make things a bit easier as you will be able to anticipate the movement of the obstacle and prepare your jump.

In the way of having a great jump, you should try to master the jumps first
Basically, jumping is the element that you have to master in order to beat this game.

At this point, you have to balance and jump at the same time and this takes some time to get used with. But eventually you will make it so simply keep practicing till you have mastered that trick

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