Jewels Cheats Barn Voyage The Ultimate for Android

Barn Voyage The Ultimate is a new farming game, where you must accomplish the main goal that is to grow crops, craft new items and run a thriving, booming and profitable business from your farm.
You get either coins or gems from every crop that you have planted and harvested in this game

barn voyage the ultimate guides

In accordance with the resources, you have to complete the quests as quickly as you can
At this point, your first priority in this game is to farm your area with all crops
On the other side, quests are great to do if you do not know what to do next
Completing each quest will earn you rewards
Besides, they usually help you unlock new crops and craft items as well.

on the other hand, try to take advantage of the store
Later on, whenever you gain an experience level, see what you can build that you are missing.

Here, you will almost always be able to build a new farm plot after a level up
Moreover, you will be able to buy another of a necessary animal, or even a brand new animal, making it far easier to fill order quickly and complete quests more quickly.

As making some progresses through the game, you have to upgrade your barn and your silo whenever you run out of room
According to this, your silo holds all of your crops while your barn holds all of your craft items.
On this occasion, you will need building materials such as screws, planks, hammers etc for your upgrades.

Meanwhile, you must also fill orders and craft in order to earn those materials randomly.
However, if you do not have the materials yet, you have to focus on filling orders and making hay

Alternatively, you can sell goods in the market stand, in order to clear up space and get gems as well.
Once you get the market stand, that is when your business can really start.

Craft items in this game are the most profitable items in which you can set the price high for these and people will be more likely to buy anyways due to the rarity.
Thus if you have rarer item or the longer it takes to get, you can set higher price at the market stand.

Alongside, you can also buy something in fairly common, such as a crop
At this point, just buy it at a high quantity for a low price.
Then, sell the items in lower quantities at higher prices.
In addition, this game will give you amount of ways to increase your profit margins for your farm.

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