MPs Cheats Basketball Kings on Android

When playing basketball kings game, you must master single player first so that you can make a big score in the next modes

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When playing the game for the first time, you will have to try learn some good aiming and keep practicing to learn how to do better shoot.

For such reasons, try not to go for perfect shots otherwise shoot slightly more powerful shoots than slower ones.
If you can do this at the right time, you will find a rhythm and stick to it for having great shots

For initial move, you can learn to play the game by becoming a master in single player modes then you can really score big one.

Except single player mode, you can try something like Arcade, since you are not hard pressed by the time and learn how to shoot those baskets before showing your action in the online mode.

Playing in the Arcade mode will be the easiest and best option in which you will be given 5 balls to start with and lose one if you miss.

Playing in this mode will also increase your skills, that you can use to the Tournament mode so that you will easily hit those bank shots for all the great bonuses and goodies for further plays

Moreover, if you can unlock a ton of achievements relatively easily in single player, you will get a lot of easy MP that you will need throughout the game.

Before going to online modes, you will have to learn to hit the easy baskets and learn to get the flawless shots for extra points that will come to the “on fire” bonus.

Once mastering this mode, you should start practicing the much more difficult bank shots that really boost your score.

Furthermore, if you can hit a flawless basket with your eyes closed, you can start working on those bank shots which will give you a lot of extra points and boosts in this game.

In the way of performing some pretty shots, you can try to shoot with more power and in the opposite direction of the basket, you can visualize the trajectory of the game.
Eventually, you will then become a real pro if you can keep doing so along the game.

Playing in the the online modes will really give you a chance of boosting your mps.
You will be tested in the Promotion room where you will play for free.
Then, you will be brought to the Beginner room where you can easy beat there.

Later on, just keep playing and try to be accurate so that you will get a lot of points to unlock the best gear in the game.

Anyway, if you have earned MPs, try not to use them for resuming the tournament
On the other side, you can start over from scratch and use every tournament as a learning opportunity to get better and better shots in every stage.

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