Gems Cheats Batman and The Flash Hero Run on Android

Batman and The Flash Hero Run is the combination of role playing card battle game and an endless running game, where you will be given a chance to fight back as you can fire against enemies and technically with boss in game.

batman & the flash hero run tips

However, it will not be easy to hit them once as a matter of fact you need lots of ammo to defeat the Joker whereby you have to conserve ammunition for you boss battle.
Saving up ammunition will take you of not firing in your enemies at all but only to run over them.
In line with this, you will be better running as the efficient way of dealing your enemies so you will never run out of ammo for boss fight.

You will earn extra XP from shooting enemies in your way.
On the other side, you will also have to save up your ammo for Joker battle
This means that you should go for the less experience points and not shoot the enemies.
So just ignore them and make ammo conservation your top priority.

At this point, make sure that you only target the small ones you can run through and get as many as possible and try to shoot the big ones once then run through them.

At the same time, you must always look ahead and stay alert of what obstacles are coming, as well as choosing the easiest lane to follow.
It will extremely be useful when you will avoid moving obstacles, such as incoming cars or boulders.

In the beginning of the game, you basically get a new game since it plays in a different setting with Batman as your main character.
Anyway, you should try all the characters and focus on mastering the one that you really like.

Meanwhile, having some cards will help you accomplish missions along the way
Therefore, you can spend coins to get Character cards that will help you evolve your characters.
You need to level them up one by one, so that you have to keep spending the coins on boosts in order to level up your heroes.

By using boost cards, you will be able to level up your heroes but you can also level them up as you gain experience from playing the game anyway.
For such reasons, simply save those Boost cards for the more complex characters.

To evolve your cards, when your character reaches level 5, you can evolve the card if you have another card of a similar level.
When you want to get the longest run and gain higher score as possible you might like the idea of bringing an extra gadgets.
The game will let you use one card per use and unless you unselect it, it will be available to use until you run out of cards.

Clearly, the most useful is the Revive card which will be the most useful from your deck that will basically provide you an extra live and can give you another chance of running without losing your progress or score
Using Health Boosts can give you more survival rate for the long run.

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