Crystals Steel Oil Cheats Battle Command on Android

Playing battle command game will allow you to collect more free crystals after downloading this game
This futuristic military strategy game will rely on resources items including Steel, Oil, and Crystals.

battle command tips

In related to this, crystals are the premium currency which you can get for free by downloading this game on special offer

With those crystals, you can quickly build your forces and base, speed construction along, raise your army then go to war against other players for victory
And everything that you will do with those crystals is an essential strategy to getting your base up to speed quickly.

Besides crystals, Steel and Oil can be earned based upon the amount and level of your harvesting and storage structures.

When starting the game, you will get over 600 Crystals that you can 300 of them immediately to purchase a second Engineer bay.
In this place, you will enable you to build and upgrade two structures at once, rather than having to wait and do one at a time.

In addition, completing various real world tasks like registering for a website or something and building a third Engineer bay will save your crystals or even getting more of them.

You will be tasked to build storage structures, defenses, army-related stuff, adding decorations, and purchasing a shield to temporarily prevent attacks from other players.

Build your lineup of offensive structures like an awe-inspiring aircraft – drones, choppers, air strikes and more
Besides, you have also to build terrifying defensive structures such as gun turrets, mortars, missiles and more

After your base gets enough protected with offensive and defensive buildings and resources supply, you will be brought to accomplish mission that is to attack a series of AI-controlled bases in an attempt to earn some extra resources and experience.

When invading other base, just place troops and watch them do their thing in which you have to know when and where to drop what can make a huge difference when raiding a base.

Tap anywhere on the field that is not blocked off by your target’s perimeter and drop your ground forces like grenadiers, commandos, spies or powerful vehicles like assault bikes, jeeps, tanks then tap and hold to dump a whole bunch of them.

Remember that different units will come to a favored target that they will prioritize and will sometimes have their own rules for targeting like grenadiers that prefer to go after resources and can target ground and air.

In the beginning of the game, you will have to consider resource management properly then try to max out your storage as quickly as possible in order to maximize your material usage.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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