Crystals Cheats Battle Quest Rise of Heroes Android

Battle Quest Rise of Heroes introduces three types of heroes, in which each strong one against a specific type of enemy indicated by an icon above their heads showing you which type of hero or heroes they are weak against.

battle quest rise of heroes tips

When facing an enemy, be sure to learn the colors first in order to know which hero to switch in a quick time during the battle.
Meanwhile, you must stay alert of the top left corner to see if you should swipe up or down for the hero you want to switch.

And every hero in this game will be equipped with a special power in form of Mana Points, MP that can be collected from blue orbs dropped by monsters in the battlefield.
So try to experience with each power-up and see which one you mostly like.

During the battle with some enemies, all you have to do is to focus on treasure chests that will appear to the sides of the road
Once seeing them just tap them in order to get extra goodies, from scrolls to powerful equipment.

Except having some those goodies, you have to equip your heroes with the best gear
At this point, go to visit the Armory after unlocking new pieces of equipment then make sure your heroes wear the best equipment in your inventory.

For making your hero stronger among others, you can enhance them with the best items
Thus whenever you get a very rare item in your Armory you can check out the rarity in the Armory, that is under the weapon’s or equipment’s icon
That items will start from A the rarest and D the most common, in that you will have to enhance that using scrolls.

Remember not to waste those scrolls on enhancing weapons or items that are of poor value
Otherwise, always use the maximum amount of scrolls gotten from three scratches on the cards for scrolls As a result, the more you use, the more stats your enhanced item will be.

If you ask for a help from other heroes in the battle in order not to lose experience, you will get no XP points at all.
Therefore, simply go for each stage with your own set of heroes and level them up by your own.

On the other side, try not t switch and balance things and level them up evenly although the other player has a particular hero playing as the most like the Archer.

Moreover, if you want to chase for extra XP, you can replay the previous stages over and over again
Besides, if you complete previously mastered levels you will earn some extra money, extra bits of equipment, gold coins and experience.

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