Diamonds Coins Cheats Battle Run Android

If you are playing battle run game, be sure to complete the main goal to earn either coins or gems as the currencies of this game

battle run gems tips

In this new real time multiplayer running game, your main goal is to race against the four other people and beat them by using weapons while avoiding traps and other weapons, jumping and running as fast as you can.
So test your skills in running fast and jumping while collecting coins along the track

During your run, you will avoid some various obstacles, including the spikes and the reverse conveyor belts that will be extremely annoying and ruin your best efforts when doing a great jump
Therefore, try to do a double jump in order to avoid them.

When doing that action is pretty simple as you have simply to jump and then jump again in mid air.
Having lots of airtime will be needed to perform that action, so that you will have to wait until your character is on the downward trajectory til you jump.

In order to maximize the amount of coins that you have collected from the game you have to maximize your stars in each stage
In calculation, every 10 stars that you pick up will earn you 1 coin at the end of the round.

For such reasons, you have to get even bigger star bonuses from placing in first or second
Because of this, try to add these together as soon as possible in order to earn enough to buy some good upgrades for your heroes.

In the beginning of the game, you will only have upgrades for the new characters as they actually have a performance benefit so far.

In accordance with this circumstance, they will not run any slower or faster than your previous character, but they will do have a different set of power ups that they can pick up.

Note that, the new power ups for your expensive characters will generally be more effective than the ones for your starting characters to be played along the game.

By playing regularly, you will level up your characters in which it will also give you a chance to earn more gems.

Each time that you level up your characters, you will earn more free gems so that you can use them to level up your character quickly.
by doing so, you will climb up the ranking and to be the best runner among others in this game

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