Beach Buggy Blitz Cheat No pay

Here are some tips that you can apply when playing beach buggy blitz on ios and android
1.Choose the car easy to drive.
2.To up-grade timer have top priority.
cause you must catch it by all means.

Beach Buggy Blitz guides

3.Second priority is Coin Bubble.
4.Third, Car Tuning.
6. after your car and item upgrade,you should purchase a character.

about car:
I think RockStomper is best. It drive stable.
It is not power down in a sea.
and ,It has wide vehicle width.

second better is beach buggy
ths car has ,stable,speed,handling,total balance is good.

about a charactor:
I do not know whether ability is different every character.
I feel ,skeleton or pumpkin is light.

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