Coins Cheats to Beat Bosses in Eternity Warriors 2 Android

To defeat bigger bosses, just wait for the boss to attack, and parry at the exact right time so that you block the attack and attack back.
Keep doing that method at the right moment to beat a boss without taking any damage to your character.

eternity warrior 2 diamonds

When a bunch of zombies come up try to run around in circles around them and always stay out of range of their weapons then try to rack up the biggest combos that you can.

When they get closer together try to run into them then hold the attack button to slaughter them while racking up huge combos and avoiding unnecessary damage when doing so.

f. Defeating the bosses can be done by destroying their minions while avoiding the boss then parry the boss’s attacks or avoid the minions and parry the boss either way keep space between you and the boss so you can see the attack coming and time the parry. Attacking makes it harder to time the parry so sometimes it’s best to kill the boss using parries only

In order to get more free coins, you can attack every jar and barrel that you come across during the game.
Then, upgrade the hero’s Dash, Block and Charge maneuvers to make them more effective in a fight.
Each move features upgrades spread across three categories such as Special, Damage, Rage that help transform the warrior into a more efficient killing machine.

When upgrading skills, ignore the attack power upgrades and work on the parrying upgrades first in order to to make it easier to beat bosses and big zombies.
Use special skill to cause a massive attack to enemies within the vicinity, so make sure to save it until there’ is at least 3 enemies nearby.
Just fight enemies and destroy objects to get XP in order to level up and earn an extra health and skills.

Shopping for potions is important to increase your rage power, health and more.
Just look at available quests on the main menu to complete for additional coins.
Always check the skills screen to see if you unlocked another tier for your special skill after you have leveled up.
Try to sign up or download services and applications to earn you a reward including Gems or Credits
Blue named weapons are better than white named weapons. And orange named weapons make up the rarest loot.

Spider Lair and Hellfire Dungeons will produce better loot ever.
Just finish a floor to collect loot.
Just rate the game to earn five free Credits/Gems.
Gems guarantee success when upgrading weapons.
Always remember to block an attack. This proves useful for parrying attacks, then counterattacking.
Break all pots and barrels, while opening treasure chests to find coins.
Try to hit enemies when they are on the ground as it will be easy to beat them.
Always have a supply of pp on health and rage potions.
Upgrade armor as you can.
Try to complete dungeons with a buddy via online co-op.

Remember as a health potion only recover health by half so try to step the healing point same time with your partner in multiplayer mode in order to get you and your partner healed together and save up another healing point
Try to get level 2 element in spider lair. And shivering refuge and spider lair drop level 2 and 3 elements.

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