How to Scolve Jetpack Joyride Missions Android

How to complete missions in jetpack joyride
Get things with your tokens by pulling the lever when the second arrow lights up.
Beat near miss with missiles mission is by just waiting till an exclamation mark appears, then go in the direction of it.

Jetpack Joyride

At the last minute, dodge it just slightly.
Try to beat Near Miss with Zappers missions, just hover below the zappers, but not too close and keep doing so with every zapper.

Get around zappers when going so fast with getting a high score like 9999 first or buy the gravity belt and air barrys gadgets.

Purchase a new item in the Stash and always buy the Head Start to complete the mission each time for just 1,000 coins.

If you need to Rub your head on the ceiling, only fall when you need to avoid a zapper. You need fast reactions to do this, but it is a fast way to beat this mission.

For the missions where you smash holes in the wall, keep starting and retrying to do it seriously quickly.This may be the easiest mission in the entire game.

Try to get 3986 by buying the fruit jetpack then getting Mr. Cuddles that is the dragon vehicle in game.
Try to use the Bubble Gun Jetpack for finishing High Fiving Scientists missions and remember as it only rises when avoiding a zapper and all vehicles as you are unable to high five any scientists that way.

To complete Zig Zag Zappers missions just go up then just follow the arrows under zappers in order to get a clue where you are supposed to go.
And try to avoid the zapper and it will count.

Try to beat the toughest mission that is 1,750 Metres Without Coins by using a Super Head Start and a Final Blast to skip the first 1500 metres. change gravity 30x in a single run
Try to keep tapping the screen as fast as you can in order to switch gravity 30 times in no time at all.
Try to get 138 coins with using the counterfeit machine after using your spin tokens and getting any awards for that level.

Tips to pass the wall without blasting it in jetpack joyride game
In order not to blast a hole in the wall when starting the game is by purchasing the gadget named “free ride” Just start playing a game with using a teleporter

Use a teleporter to pass the wall without smashing the hole in the wall.
Go to the stash, equipped nerd repellant and played a game and without scientists or nerds roaming the floors little balls of hay roll around the floor.

If you run into one and push it around like playing soccer you will have created without breaking through the main wall.
Just start the game again from the start as many times as you want.
When you watch the beginning of the game he smashes through the wall on entry every time.

Learn vehicles descriptions in jetpack joyride game
The Bad As Hog is certainly the quickest vehicle, but also the hardest to control.
Just tap to send the vehicle flying to give you more and more speed as you go.

The Crazy Freaking Teleporter is perhaps the best vehicle in the game.
Tap to go in the direction where the pointer is pointing.
Just go through zappers, as long as not going straight into them.
Try to unlock a Game Center achievement when reaching 800m or more in the Teleporter.

The Lil Stomper is another solid vehicle that will stomp on anything and everything in its path, excluding lasers, zappers and missiles.
Tap and hold to go flying with the Stomper.

The Profit Bird is probably the easiest vehicle to control that will give a big advantage. Just tap to go up, and release to go down.
The Gravity Suit is probably the worst ‘vehicle’ in the game that is still handy to control.
Just tap to change between the roof and the floor.

Keep tapping to switch extremely quickly that will help in the missions where you have to change gravity a certain amount of times.

Mr. Cuddles is a dragon vehicle that is you can count on.
Tap the screen to send Mr. Cuddles down, breathing fire at the same time then let go to send Mr. Cuddles upwards while getting some coins as well
Dragon fruit is obtained by using the fruit jetpack and riding mr cuddles the dragon vehicle once only.

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