Cookie Cheats in Garfield Defense Attack of the Food on Android

Guides to beat stages in garfield defense attack of the food game
Stage 4 nermal in garfield defense attack of the food game

Garfield Defense Attack of the Food

In stage four, when Sheldon head butts the enemy, he will earn Garfield one invincibility.
Start summoning Sheldon and let him hit the enemy.
Do not win the level and you will get over 50 invisibilities per round.

Beat stage 15 in garfield defense attack of the food game
Try to level up garfield and he will dominate the early stages
Try to upgrade the Booker to maximum and Garfield too.
Repeat the level till you earn more cookies
Level Up Garfield
Get him a Frying Pan to increase his attack.
Make a quick move a bit forward then backward to have Garfield attack’s faster.

Beat level 44 in garfield defense attack of the food game
Try to upgrade Orson and Booker to maximum
Try to use Trumpet more often to get 3 Bookers and get Booker upgraded as well.
Just level up orson and Booker to get the best tandem.
Just upgrade the trumpet
Stay away Garfield from battle and let orson tank and you keep hiring Booker

How to get more free cookie in garfield defense attack of the food game
Just play and kill some enemies per Stage
Just play daily to get from rewards
Purchase it in the Shop with Real Money
Try to join the Affiliates program to get free cookie

Tips to accomplish levels in garfield defense attack of the food game
Just play at the right time as soon as Garfield attacks, tap either to his left or to his right.
Try to use a projectile attack or throwing a fork or a melee attack such as hitting them with the frying pan or a rolling pin.
Try to launch attack much more quickly with up to two attacks per second, as opposed to one attack every 2 seconds.
save your cookies to upgrade Garfield and his weapon as your first priority.
Use the speed attacks method

When doing attack method just tap back every time until your friends get there and start attacking the enemies themselves.

That method will back away from enemies and avoiding their attacks.
When your friends arrive just start alternating between backward taps and forward taps in order to get close to the same spot and to continue hitting enemies.

Just tap popcorn machine when hitting 30 popcorns to upgrade it to level 2 for the remainder of the round. After upgraded to level 2, popcorn will accumulate much more quickly which allows you to flood the level with your friends.

Move Left and Right to attack wave of enemies.
Close attack will give melee attack and far distance will give you a range or throws attack

Kill enemies to get Cookies and Pop Corn
Collect the Cookies in each Stage to purchase upgrade and better weapons
More Pop Corns will let you hire more allies or friends to help you
You can unlock new Weapons, Friends and Abilities after completing a certain stage
You can buy usable items like Super pie, Special Friends, Pop Corn Box, Grafield Suit Up Box, Insta-Troop Box, and Insta-Skill Buffs to help you per stagep. Boss enimies are harder and tougher so you better get some upgrades and equip some items to help you

Upgrade the Abilities you mostly used, in contrary don’t waste your cookies for Ability that you don’t really much used

Play daily to get more cookies, items and special rewards
Friends has their own ability of attack, strength of attacks and health bar. Make the most of them on facing enemies

In order to have all stage pass successfully just upgrade nermal in stage 4 to 15, upgrade wade in stage 6, achieve booker in stage 7, upgrade odie in stage 14, upgrade arlene in stage 19, upgrade orson in stage 23, upgrade roy in stage 27, upgrade odie in stgae 35
Have arlene and olson at the beginning of the game to get a great combo
Do not ever reset the game as everything will be back to the previous menu

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