Diamonds Coins Cheats Beat the Boss 3 on Android

If you are playing beat the boss 3 game, you must complete some offers to get free diamonds as a bonus
Diamonds are the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase and upgrade your weapons whereby you can beat the boss and earn coins as well

beat the boss 3 tips

One common way to earn free diamonds is to gain experience levels as you continue to kill the boss.
So if you gain levels for even more, you will earn bigger bonuses.
On the other words, gain levels and stockpile the diamonds, then use these methods to end up earning enough of them so that you can buy a premium or craft weapon using those diamonds.

Alternatively, you can try gathering diamonds by finding and completing offers at the offer wall.
In line with this, use the Tapjoy offer walls to earn free diamonds by completing offers.
When tapping on it for the first time, just hit “no” to the popup window, and the in-game offer wall will pop up.
Those offers will usually be free to complete, and the others that are not free will still earn you a bunch of diamonds as well.

At this point, tap on the offer that says “Register for Tapjoy” and complete the registration action.
After signing up on Tapjoy, you will be directed to the offer wall on their website, that is loaded with free offers tempting you to download free apps.
Because of this, try to run the apps for the first time, then go back to the game and you will get the award compensation.

Once collecting enough diamonds, you can spend those diamonds on more hearts.
Anyway, hearts are not very necessary considering that you only have to wait ten to fifteen seconds for the boss to come back to life.
On the other side, it will be better to spend the diamonds on rare or expensive weapons, or on weapons that require you to earn craft items that you do not have the patience to wait for.

Coins in this game are the primary currency that is fairly easy to get.
In order to earn some coins, all you will do is simply to take a weapon, attack the boss and wait ’til he dies then kill him over and over to keep earning coins.

To make him alive again, you can hearts to revive him so that you can earn coins faster.
The amount of coins that you earn per shot drops gradually as you buy more expensive weapons
For such reasons, if you really want to stockpile the coins, you can buy the minimal amount of weapons, and cheaper weapons.

Moreover, if you play this game continuously or any longer, you will start to fill a multiplier bar.
As a result, if your multiplier bar gets higher, you will earn more coins.
Furthermore, if you like the game on Facebook, you will also get 500 free coins.

In addition, your goal is to get the most weapons so that you should try to collect as much coins as you can before purchasing many weapons, or any expensive weaponry.

After having a lot of coins, you will then be able to the most expensive weapons.
Alongside, purchase the Tibet and Australian Ocean stages first before you buy any expensive weapons, such as the fire extinguisher that you will need later on.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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