Cards Coins Cash Cheats Big Win Racing on Android

When you are playing big win racing hothead game, be sure to get free big bucks and coins by winning every race you take part in

big win racing tips

Big Win Racing is a card-battling games, you will take a chance to delve into the racing world where you will take a role as the driver and control the entire pit crew and the parts in your car.

On the other words, you will not just control them, but you will manage them then improve them using the Big Bucks and coins that you earn during races season.

In accordance with coins and bucks, you will have to struggle to earn them through every race against the other cars
On the other side, you will be given an opportunity to earn in game currency through watching videos for coins and downloading other apps to earn in game premium currency.
So just watch videos and download the apps from this developer to gather coins and bucks currencies

You will require energy every time that you run in a race so that it will make your energy run out more often during the race.

Because of this, you will need to get your energy back right away, as opposed to having to wait for it to come back
For such reasons, just go into the time settings in your phone and set the time ahead by about six minutes per energy unit that you have lost during the race.
Afterward go back to the app and you will get your time restored fully.
As to notice, you can do this trick when you have run out your energy.

When coming to manage your car, parts chemistry will be the main core as the ratings of the parts.
Therefore, try to improve your parts chemistry by having more parts by the same manufacturer when managing your inside of the car.

Moreover, if you can manage the engine, tires, steering and transmission from the same manufacturer, your parts chemistry will be full.

When beginning to race, your chance of winning depends on your rating, that is determined by the combined rating of all of your cards.

In related to build the best card deck, you will have to rack up the coins by participating in quick races until you have enough coins to buy silver decks
Besides, you can use the free coins and Big Bucks offers to save up for both silver and gold decks.

Anyway, these decks will mostly contain Big Impact cards and it will also often contain drivers, pit crew members and parts for your car, which you can use to increase your team rating.

In addition, even with all bronze parts, you are be able to have a chance to win the championships and trophies throughout the race.

During the race, you can load up on big impact cards, especially silver and gold ones, and you can use the skill upgrades to increase the rating of parts.

As making some progresses, you will be able to gather a bunch of coins and Big Bucks by placing high in the trophy races, or winning the championship along the game.

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