Gold Hearts Cheats Block Legend for Android

Block Legend is the combination of elements taken from puzzle and the role playing games elements which add quite a but of depth to the whole experience.
Here, you will be served with experience points and power block that you can obtain.

block legend tips

Anyway, this earning experience is fundamental to overcome all the challenges that you will face against.
When going to the battles, you will deliver damage to enemies by using both swords and magic tiles.

At this point, you can use magic as much as possible, since the sword tiles will turn into experience points once the battle is over.

Moreover, you should make sure to level up magic as much as possible so that you can make the whole magic using more effective
By doing so, you can deal more damage, earn more experience and heal more damage at once.

Every enemy you come across in this game will have a number of turns before they are able to attack, in that it will allow you to make matches in order to deliver physical or magic attacks, add lost health or shield points, and obtain money or treasure.

For such reasons, you will be equipped with shield defense seems which can hold hit from any incoming attacks and protect your heroes throughout the game
And if you want to go for evasion, make sure not to take away hp before the entire shield is depleted.

In the battle with monstrous bosses, always remember to heal your heroes with hearts
In line with the healing, magic blocks can be used both in the fields and in battle but it is always better to use them during battle.

In order to heal on the field, you have to use hearts that is part of the resource management that will help you go a long way in this game.
One thing you must notice is that the situations can get heated fast if you are not mindful of balancing out when you strike and when you heal.

Later on, when fighting against the game’s monstrous bosses, they will take up portions of the screen
And the game’s myriad of low-level enemies like werewolves, skeletons, and out-of-shape bees will take 4 turns before striking, while the bosses will strike after 3, 2, or even 1 turn in which they will hit pretty hard as well.

In addition, you can start battling with weaker monsters as this will be more profitable for your heroes.
Furthermore, when fighting weaker enemies, simply weaken them as much as possible and avoid activating combinations that will kill them.

Because of this circumstance, you are able to rack up gold and experience points so that you can defeat the enemy and collect the rewards for your collections.

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