Medals Coins Cheats Blood Battalion for Android

Just take part in the battles to earn xp and coins cash as the currency of blood battalion game
Getting involved in the battles will offer you a chance to earn a large amount of experience and coins at the end of a battle
You can collect those coins as rewards whether you can either destroy the enemies or just let them go.

blood battalion guides

Once winning the battle, do not forget to save your Skill Procs for this point then select “destroY” and hit the enemy fighters with every “skill proc” that you have
As a result, you will be able to finish this portion as quickly as possible.

In this game, you will not be allowed to sacrifice troops to level up other troops in that it will need only to evolve and that requires two of the same troop.

In accordance with this, all you have to do is simply to play until you level your troops up, so that you can strengthen them and increase their stats as well.

Meanwhile, if you get stuck on a stage you can keep playing old stages as often as you like in order to get solution of what you are doing.
However, if you are still stuck on it, try to change up your mix of troops and your formation.

Furthermore, if you normally play with the offensive or defensive mix, you can try the all-melee or all-ranged formation, or the full-on defensive mix to get better formation before going to battlefield.

And if you are playing with the circle formation normally, you can experiment the other formations, such as the skein or the line formation.

After making some progresses along the game, you can have a chance of maximizing the statistics of your evolved cards, so you must hold off on evolving them for as long as possible.

Moreover, every evolved card of yours will retain 5% of the stats of the two combined cards based upon what it already gains

Therefore, if you level up the experience levels into the higher, the stats will automatically be getting the higher after the evolution, even with the level dropping back down to 1 of the level.

According to that statement, when picking a level, you simply hit the red dot next to the battle name to see all of the level’s terrain statistics.

Rougher terrain decreases movement speed, in which it gives a much bigger advantage to your ranged troops and your flying troops.

Ranged troops can shoot from safety, and your flying troops’ movement will not get affected by obstacles during in the mission.

Thus, you will be assigned to build a diverse army of units that consist of 6 classes 8 races with their skills and capabilities.

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