Token Cash Cheats Bloons Tower Defense 5 Android

In bloon td 5 game, you must build a defensive line of dart-throwing Monkey Towers to pop the passing Bloons and you will have to earn monkey money along the way.
Then, you must manage some tips and strategies to keep those balloons popping and those monkeys upgraded at a time.

bloons td5 tips

In the beginning of the game, you strategically place these towers around the track so they have the best radius for popping the oncoming bloons.
On the other side, selecting the difficulty at the beginning will determine your reward for each successful level in which Easy is $75, Medium is $125 and Hard is $200 that will be as your reward.

Furthermore, you will deal with bloons that you can do by placing your monkeys strategically around the track where their radius falls over the oncoming balloon path.
For such reasons, you will maximize the amount of darts being hurled in the path of the bloons without letting any slip by.

Everytime doing the action in this game, you must earn Monkey Money that you can do by completing each level successfully.
At this point, some popping incoming blooms will give you cash that you can use to buy more towers or upgrade existing ones.
Besides, if you can complete each level without letting a bloon pass you will earn the maximum amount of Monkey Money as well.

Anyway, completing each stage will bring you closer to leveling up.
Moreover, each level will bring new upgrades for your Monkey Towers, and each upgrade will also give you different abilities to overcome the various bloom types.

In line with this, you should upgrade your Monkey Tower with long range darts whereby they will increase your attack radius and help the Monkey shoot further than normal.

Alongside, deploying the Tack shooter upgrade will enable you to deploy eight darts at once, in which it will be ideal for a stream of blooms around a curved path
In the mean time, upgrading Towers to Sniper Monkey will allow you to pop two layers off bloons with unlimited range.

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