Diamonds Cheats Boom Beach on Android

When playing boom beach game, you must build more islands to get more extra gold
Then, you can explore some other islands around the map, attack enemy islands and rescue the villagers that will be your islands residences.
Except gold, there are various resources that you have to gather to support your mission

boom beach tips

First resource that you will collect is that a gold
For such reasons, you will be able to earn gold by raiding other islands then collecting tributes from the rescued villagers and all of the residences on your islands which you can upgrade to give you more and more gold.

On the other side, you can build more residences and upgrade them for more hourly gold earnings.
Then, build and upgrade your vault to protect the gold and other resources in your island.

Moreover, collecting the tributes from the islands that are under your protection will come to more islands and higher tributes.

In the way of collecting these diamonds, you have to complete the achievements then to collect your rewards in that those achievements are in the “three star” in the upper left corner of the screen with endless supply of them to complete.
And, you will find plenty of them inside of treasure chests.

Afterward, you can search around the map area for treasure chests.
When you find one, open it so that you can get free diamonds from it.

In line with this, even in the areas that you have already unlocked, just keep checking back because treasure chests pop up out of the water randomly that equals more and more free diamonds.

In accordance with some other resources, you can get wood by spending gold to knock down the trees.
Besides, you can build and upgrade your sawmill to manage more wood.

When you cut down a tree, you will gain wood, and they will regenerate over time, so that you will have an endless source of quick wood to build your island.

Except wood, you will have to collect stone by removing rocks in your island.
According to this, at level 6 you can build a stone storage and knock down rocks.
Then at level 9 you can build an iron storage.

Furthermore, you can begin to raid other islands who have iron storages, quarries, stone storages and iron mines.

When you are at level seven you get a quarry and at level ten you get an iron mine
Therefore, you can actually earn an hourly income from them.

You will start with riflemen, then as you upgrade your headquarters you will unlock some tough squad namely zookas, warriors, tanks and medics.

Anyway, placing heavies in the first line will be great for soaking up damage from guns, and place your other troops especially zookas behind them.
After placing them at the right position, you should use your gunship and your targeting of enemy buildings as the cornerstone of your strategy.

In order to win the combat, all you will do is to destroy the headquarters while using your gunship’s energy to wreak havoc on enemy gun towers, and flares to direct your troops.
These flares will direct your troops to certain targets, then try to shot at the HQ with your gunship’s guns for a quick demolition of the enemies headquarters.

Meanwhile, if you want to make the gunship of the cornerstone for your strategy, just set your troops to target barrels and other easy-kill buildings
Plus, use the energy that they earn for firing shots at the headquarters from the gunship.

In addition, one most important thing is to protect your base with some defensive buildings such as sniper towers, mortars, etc

Once building them, you have to upgrade your headquarters so that you can build more and more of them, as well as upgrade them to higher levels.
Make sure to put your buildings as close together as possible to the other ones as they will protect your defensive towers.

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