Gems Cheats in Agent Dash on Android

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agent dash tips tricks

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Tips to accomplish missions in agent dash game
Always running in the middle of the road.
Try to change the direction during jumps section so you can jump from the middle then land on the left or right lane while coming to dodging obstacles.

Always see all the indicators and hints about what is to come in order to stay alive for as long as possible.

Remember it is better if you live longer in order to get more gems automatically rather than risking at all times and hitting an obstacle.

Try not to use the single use boosts as it costs more 2,000 gems.

Always use the magnet and the Super Diamond to upgrade your gadgets in the gadget HQ then upgrade also the others ones with Jetpack and High Value Gems.
Super Diamond is to pick up a rare jewel worth 10 gems.
Jetpack is to propel your agent for two seconds.
Magnet is to attract all gems for five seconds.d. High-Value Gems is to get red (x2) gems appeared from Town onwards.

Always go for single use supplies
Try to cough up some gems to get the following access.
Air Drop with 2,000 gems means to land at the entrance to the first villain base.
Back-Up with 4,000 gems means to continue running from wherever you trip up.
Slow-Mo with 3,000 gems means to use your Time Dilation device to slow things down.
Gem Rush with 2,000 gems means to get score high with x2 and x3 gems from the start.

Try to invest in high-value gems to get rich quicker
Try to upgrade the Magnet to boost the gem values as well as attracting them.
Try to upgrade the jetpack to make it last longer
Take extra care not to run into a hazard after using the jetpack.
Keep focusing on the track rather then collecting all gems as it can be risky
Try to jump over gaps and holes to allow you more time to dodge them.
Just activate Slow-Mo when destroying the base for huge points.
Always use an Air Drop to parachute down to the base entrance.
Remember to hold on buying anything right away.
Just play the game for fun so if you like it, spring for one of the slightly higher-priced gem packs. You will get the better gem-per-dollar ratio as well.

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