Gold Gems Cheats Brave Frontier on Android

Just complete the main goal to earn more gems and gold in brave frontier game
Besides, you will go through a multitude of quests and challenges while using your summoner powers to battle against Maxwell, the rogue god then rescue Great Gaia, the world of the gods.

brave frontier tips

Along the game, you will be allowed to have up to five team members, and you will be able to edit your team to go against one specific element, depending on the dungeon.

Most dungeons in this game will have one single element of enemy
As to describe you, the Caves of Flame are full of fire enemies, so tailor your team to this then send in all water-element heroes into the Cave of Flames.

On the other side, the others will have enemies of multiple elements so when facing against the Vortex Gate dungeons, which are far more difficult to beat than the standard ones, you can try sending your most powerful team.

Once winning from the battle with these Vortex Gate dungeons, you will earn the best rewards, including the rarest units and the most Zel and Karma.

Furthermore, when coming to the boss battle, you can save your Brave Burst attacks for them.
However, if you are not in the boss battle, you can save them for the next battle after you earn them, especially if it is a healing move such as the Phoenix uses or an attack that hits every enemy at the same time.

In the way of collecting gems, you can try logging into Facebook or fully defeating a set of dungeons.
After gathering them, simply save up your gems and use them for rare summons, because rare summons will earn you the most powerful team members by far.

Afterward, you can try to save your fusions for the rarer heroes in your party
Note that you have to use fusion to upgrade all of your team members if you come across a tough stage with no real shot at winning or earning anymore gems anytime soon or if you are stuck in the Arena.

In addition, during the battle with opponents, make sure to carry a bunch of items at all times so that you can heal or recover from poison immediately.
Moreover, you can feed loads of karma to your Synthesis area so that you can synthesize better and better items by doing that step.

Remember to manage your attack and defense boosts in that they are especially useful against tough bosses, while using Revives will heal downed team members along the game.

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