Budget Coins Cheats Bridge Constructor for Android

Bridge Constructor is a physics simulation game, where you will use various materials such as wood, steel, cables and concrete pillars to build bridges that are reliable to support the weight of trucks and cars which will walk on it everyday.

bridge constructor guides

In order to build tough bridges, you can try using triangular patterns in that when starting to build your first bridge, counting on triangular supports will be preferable because of their stability.

Moreover, getting your bridge built with large, wide triangular patterns, your construction will help distribute weight evenly while allowing you to save your budget as well.

Anyway, building materials need to be attached to white nodes whereby if your building materials are not attached to white nodes, the whole thing will collapse when any vehicle walks on it.

Throughout the game, try to think about how support structures of the bridge are indeed built out of triangles, but those collections of triangles are also rounded much of the time.

After your first bridge is ready for traffic, you can measure it by passing the “car test” in order for you to be allowed to move on.
You can always go back later and make them reliable for trucks and tanker trucks.

Also pay attention to the middle structure as the middle of a bridge requires the most support especially if a gap is wide.

For accuracy, you can zoom in to connect nodes accurately as it will help you connect materials to nodes properly, which helps you avoid wasting time and materials.

For such reasons, you can get on the grid in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to bring up a super-detailed grid whereby this grid will help you when a situation calls for precision.

In the beginning of the game, building your bridge with wood will be cheap, versatile, and it forms a decent core for most bridges which provides utilized proper support.

Meanwhile, you have to attached cables in many ways to support the structures and you can also use concrete archways to give it additional support.

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