Coins Cheats Bridge Constructor Medieval on Android

Playing Bridge Constructor Medieval will give you a notice that you must keep in mind how real bridges are made for better weight support.
Here, you will be served with some materials to construct a bridge

bridge constructor medieval tips

As far as materials are concerned, stone will be the best of all since they will resist pretty much everything, including boulders whereby you must make sure that stone pillars really support your bridge for certain.

Stone withstands projectiles very well in which it is not even falling boulders can do a lot of damage against stone pillars.
Although it is expensive, but it will be pretty much indestructible.

Generally, getting your built with triangle shapes will offer great stability as it is stable to sustain anything
So it is always good to use them for any bridge you are building.

On the other side, having cheap wood to construction will often do the job
Thus, if you are looking to win crowns by building as cheaply as possible, you can often get away with using regular wood.
Just make sure to use lots of it, and build triangles within your triangles for optimal support.

Before starting to make a bridge, consider that most of real-world bridges are built relying on bases that are arc-shaped.
In line with this, when building in this game, you can try and build these “round triangles” for extra support on long bridges.

Moreover, you have to watch before building, because you need to strengthen a bridge against a barrage of boulders for some next levels.
Before building, try and let your soldiers cross and observe the structure’s weakest areas then you can build the bridge up accordingly.

At this point, boulders rain down on specific parts of a bridge so you have to take note of the boulders’ trajectories, then strengthen the areas as necessary.

Afterwards, you can test how strong the bridge that you have built
If boards or support beams turn red while people are crossing, it means the bridge is on the verge of collapsing whereby you can try and let your fellows finish crossing.
And if your supports or boards turn red before anyone even sets foot on the bridge, you must re-enter construction mode and fix it.

When constructing your bridge, consider to support the middles as these are usually the most vulnerable part of a bridge.
For such reasons, try to break out your sturdier materials to strengthen these soft areas because these are the parts where stone supports and logs come in handy.
Meanwhile, you can also reinforce them as much as possibles by using strong materials.

If you see the boards are turning red during passage, it means that the bridge will not hold, so make adjustments accordingly.
Beside the middles, your roofs also need support
In some levels, the boulders rain down so thickly that you need to build a roof to project your soldiers and horses.
According to this, you have to build your roofs with good support including triangles.

Some stages will include some really heavy boulder launching, meaning that even reinforcing the bridge or using stone pillars will not be enough to keep the bridge in one piece.
To overcome this issue, you must use roofs to protect your bridge from heavy boulders.
In addition, when connecting materials to nodes, you should zoom in if you play this game on a small screen as these nodes can be tricky on it.

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