Gold Bucks Cheats Cabela`s Big Game Hunter on Android

In cabela`s big game hunter, you can get free cash by completing every task of shooting animals in each stage
In this game, you will be assigned to accomplish loads of different tasks which are three per stage.

cabela`s big game hunter tips

To play every given stage, you will be prompted to have weapons so when you run out of stars to earn at the time, you will need to buy new weapons though.

In line with this, you are be able to go to any other stage, and play over and over whereby you will load up on the cash to be used to purchase new weapons.

According to this, you can do on the newest stage to earn more experience points that will make your energy expenditure worth.
So use your energy wisely as once your energy runs out, you have to wait for it to come back.

On the other side, you will earn more experience points to level up later on.
Moreover, leveling up will provide you an instant energy refill and also increase your energy capacity that you can use to unlock new stages.

This game will test you to shoot quickly in which every animal will kill you before you kill them unless you have a good enough weapon or can dodge and block well enough.

Some weapons can be aimed with a scope, and you can also purchase power-ups that provide temporary boosts or other kinds items for your weapons.
Some hunts may simply require killing a specific animal while others will want you to shoot something in the lungs or heart.

In accordance with that line, try to pick the weapon that will allow you to do the most damage yet to move the quickest such as bows and arrows with the lack of recoil and high damage when using them.

In order to make a good shot, try to hit their lung, in that you simply shoot towards the animal’s chest as their lungs are big.

For such reasons, you will have to aim toward the bottom of their chest just behind their front legs so that you can hit their heart.
You will easily hit the heart shot from behind as opposed to front or side.
Thus, try to have the better scope for having every shot in much easier

Later on, just upgrade your rifles as soon as possible because aggressive prey can be particularly tricky and they will rush in to attack while triggering and dodging as well.

As hunts are completed, you will earn stars to unlock new areas with new animals to hunt in.
Sometimes a successful hunt will even unlock a new challenge or two that can be a good excuse to go back and shoot up more stuff.

In addition, all you have done will earn you cash that can be used to buy better weapons or attire that can be used to unlock even more places to hunt.

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