Legendary Cards Cheats Card City Nights for Android

Card City Nights is a new puzzle matching and collectible card game, where you must collect all eight legendary cards and become a card fighting master

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Furthermore, you will go for an adventure through the map and tap the image of crossed swords to initiate a fight then win each match to earn booster packs and gold which can be used in deck building and shops.

In the battle, you will be served with two three-by-three square grids that you and your enemy will take turn drawing and placing cards each turn on one of the openings on those grids
At this point, when your enemy cannot make a move or run out of health, it means you win the match.

In order to connect cards together, you have to match arrows of the cards that is one arrow is pointing in one of eight directions.

Those available cards will feature one or more symbols such as a green cross, a sword, a shield or a coin representing the kind of combos they can create.

So by connecting cards, the sum of their symbols will come to three or greater, that will allow you to create a combo.

Having a shield combo in shield symbols will give you defense points and a sword combo will deliver damage or disable a card
Meanwhile, a coin is neutral and the green cross will revive disabled cards into play.

Each combo will play the role according to whichever symbol was dominant in the chain so if the symbols are tied, simply choose between those effects.

For example, if your chain has two swords and one shield, you can create an attack combo and if it has one sword, one shield and a neutral you can either earn one health or do one damage to enemy.

The main point is you have to keep playing a card each turn as often as possible.
And if you run out of cards, you will take increasing damage every turn when you would normally draw a card in recent turn.

Anyway, by disabling an opponent’s card, you will keep the opponent from using that card and you can make any kind of combos from those directions later on unless they revive or remove that card some other way.

Note that when doing so, you must wait for the player to start a combo, then lock up the card they are most likely to add as the final unit in that chain.

In related to this one, you can apply lock-up strategy in that it requires fewer offensive and more neutral cards than each of the others so that you can get as many one-damage combos out as quickly as possible to disable all possible moves on the enemy board.

Moreover, applying this strategy will also give you advantage as it slows down or even cancels your enemies ability to heal or fight back.

According to legendary cards in this game, you can particularly earn through the fight against the boss in each area in which the bosses in this game will provide some prizes like eight legendary cards as your victory reward.

In addition, the others will also provide booster packs from different series of cards or even just gold coins to buy another gear you need throughout the game.

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