Gems Cheats Card Wars Adventure Time on Android

When playing card wars adventure time game, you will start with the terrain covering your land and defeating the other characters that will defend it.
Then, you will go to battle against your opponent’s foes while trying to take over their land, using turn-based combat.

card wars adventure time tips

You will be equipped with a spinner, that can defend and attack enemies in that you are landing in just the right spot to successfully block or initiate an attack.

And landing in a special highlighted zone will deliver a counter or extra damage toward enemies.
Your winning time will determined in an open lane to strike the opponent directly and when they run out of energy, you can win that battle.

Every hero in this game will have a special ability that unlocks after a set number of turns.
And you can unlock new heroes that fit your play-style by collecting their cards in the campaign.

Note that certain heroes are best suited to certain cards such as Jake, buffs cornfield creatures will not very useful if you are deck is composed entirely of swamp cards.

On the other side, always check the deck menu whenever you level up.
At this point, you can add a new card to your deck pool every time you reach the experience threshold.

When going to the battlefield, card draw is important in which creatures like Heavenly Gazer will have floop abilities to help with this
According to this, make sure you have at least a few of them or similar cards to keep you from ever being unable to fill a lane.

Selecting creatures will be based on a few factors, including strength, magic power and type of landscape you can put it on.

It is caused by landscape is important, whereby you will not be able to put down a creature if they do not fit into said landscape.
Magic power and strength will extremely be useful when battling opponents.

During in the battle of the card, try to keep weaker ones in play as you need a sacrificial card to keep a lane closed in order to avoid damage from your opponent.
In line with this, you can keep at least two or three in your deck, so you can always fill spots when necessary, with a battle line intact.

Furthermore, you must have plenty of landscapes in tow.
The more damage a landscape takes, the more likely you are to take damage yourself
So make sure you refresh it as much as possible along with your characters in order to survive in the long run.

You will start with a small amount and you can earn gems by winning some card battles in this game
With those gems, you can play a big part where you will use these to open chests to earn new cards, as well as expand how many cards you can have in a deck.

You will also have the option to use gems to refill your heart meter when it runs on empty.
And you can spend them on The Algebraic Chest, though dabbling in the Cool Chest is a good idea as well while figuring out what great cards will come to your way.

Besides, the cards in the “Cool Chest” are usually above-average, whereby you will pull them just by playing the game or cheaply enough through crafting.

In addition, be sure not to bother using your gems on extra hearts because they will refill quickly enough over time especially if you can beat bosses in this game.

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