Extra Spin Cheats Cascade Android

In cascade matching three game, all you will do is to match some colorful gems square on the screen for high score
Also, you can spin reels as well as using jewels to create lines on a grid.
Doing so will come to more points that you earn, so you will get closer to moving to the next stage

Cascade Tips

Later on, your main goal is to slot together gems on the board in formations of three or more while going across, down or matched to gather in one continuous string
At the same time, you will be able to use pieces that you get after spinning a jackpot reel.

Moreover, you will have to use all the gems in one turn to earn an extra spin for free without sacrificing one of your turns.
And, if you have pieces left over, you have to use one of your spins to get new pieces.

On the other hand, your goal of each round is to get the minimum score within as little spins as possible.

So if you have extra spins left over, you can redeem them for more gems on the board
Doing so will net you an even higher score.
However, if you run out of spins before you meet the score, you must use one of your lives to try again.

In the way of matching up gems in this game, you can do it either vertically or horizontally
In the mean time, you can also try and match up as many big formations as possible.

During the play, always watch out for bonus gems with spikes popping out of them.
These bonuses will be able to clear out rows or columns easily.
At this point, you will need three or more gems to match up, but some-times you can fill in the gap with your gem.

Furthermore, you should save wild gems for tougher rounds.
These multi-colored gems come up in your line-up quite often, and they will match up to any three-plus formation you link them to.

Note that, do not use them too early as they could leave you messed up with other gems you cannot use on the board, which will cost you one of your spins.
So just save them for last if you can.

Power-ups will often appear on board that can help you clear a board, including a wild gem generator and a bonus spin.
Therefore, just save them when you absolutely need them.

Along the game, always watch out for score multipliers as these can rack up your points quickly, and they serve as one of the best power-ups in the game.
In line with this, you can pay for a few extra to help you out.

On the other side, you are able to try to slot your gems into larger formations.
Thus, the more gems you eliminate in a single run, the higher your score will be
As a result, you will get a chance to have more spins to save in the long run

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