Gems Gold Cash Cheats Castle Clash for Android

When playing castle clash game, you must get your victory in every battle to collect mana and gold as the main resources of this game

castle clash tips

Both Mana and Gold can mostly be earned from every successful battle you have been through in this game
Besides, they can also be passively gathered by building Mana Mills and Gold Mines.
So upgrade both of them to generate those resources quickly.

Before upgrading them, you must build them first so that you can expand your capacities by building or upgrading Mana Vaults and Gold Vaults that will give you those resources.

On the other side, playing this game regularly will give you a bunch of free gems which can be used to quickly upgrade your base and purchasing new troops
And upgrading your base will give you advantage so that you do not need to hire new troops constantly.

Constructing your base will need four important objects as the defenses.
The Watchtower will attack incoming enemies and it can be specialized after having enough upgrades.

Walls will protect you with a simple barrier, in which your other defenses can attack freely.
Bomb traps give your enemies a surprise when they touch it.
Hero traps will be specifically geared toward hero characters as a bomb trap does.

Meanwhile, you can purchase magic with The Relic Hall that can be deployed during the battle.
Both offensive spells and multiple spells can be held at the same time as the Relic Hall is upgraded.
Moreover, purchasing shields will protect your base from attack for a long time period.

One thing important is to build the Town Hall as once upgrading it the level will increase
As a result, you can upgrade other buildings, research new technologies, and strengthen your defenses.

In line with this, you have to place it in the most well-protected area of the base, typically in the center as it will be difficult to be taken down by the enemy for getting victory in battle

There will be five key offensive structures namely Army Camp, Heroes Altar, Hero Base, Arena, and the aforementioned Relic Hall.

The Army Camp will take a role as your barracks and your guard post.
Every camp can hold a certain capacity of troops and each type of troop will consume a set capacity

For example Guardians require one, Treants require four and soon
And the total capacity will increase if the Army Camp is upgraded in which it is also a key defensive structure, as any stationed troops will attack nearby enemies during a strike.

The Heroes Altar is useful for new Heroes to summon to be super strong units.
Once having more gems, you can purchase heroes with Honor Badges that can be earned from battle, and Shards that can be earned occasionally from dungeons.

Your heroes will have their own set of stats and skills, in that you can sacrifice other heroes to upgrade their abilities.

The Hero Base is useful for setting a hero on defense, in that many enemy attackers will also include their own hero.

You can also equip each base with a Training Center so that you can upgrade current troop classes and unlock new ones for battle.

The Arena comes to a moba where heroes will charge different paths to go through and destroy the enemy base so that you will have to win to get Honor Badges for summoning new heroes.

Before going for invasion, you should inspect the enemy base and think where you want to place your troops there.

Once you have prepared anything to attack, tap on the troop to be sent and placed until you have released your desired number of soldiers.

If you have magic stored, just tap on it, then tap anywhere you want to activate it.
Victory is determined when enough of the base is destroyed and Town Hall is the heart of the base so look for it then take it down to win the battle in quick way

In addition, before going to the battle, upgrade mines, mills, and vaults first as these resources are the most importance for your base.
To protect the base, plant traps and bombs where the enemies are going to deploy their troops.

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