Shekel Devious Pack Cheats Castle Doombad Free to Slay on Android

In this game, you will play as Grumpyface, a villain with a dark castle and a trapped princess, and some villains attempting to get through from all sides.
Then, you will have to defeat the heroes throughout every level using some traps, minions and other goodies along the game.

castle doombad tips android

Early on, you will start from as close to the princess as you can get and then work your way down.
And if your princess get closer from the trap, there will be more heroes in danger of being hit by it.

Placing the traps at the very bottom of the castle will often be simply bypassed by heroes that enter through one of the bottom doors
However, they will be at risk of getting killed by traps toward the top that you have placed already.

Make sure you have generators in your list of traps.
If Princess screams louder, it will be faster you can flood a stage with traps and win the battle.

Anyway, those generators should ideally be placed in far off corners, especially in unimportant locations around the bottom of the castle
By placing them on specific spots, those traps are the least likely to be hit by heroes, and especially behind doors.

Meanwhile, placing a certain number of minions on each floor will be extremely valuable because they will not take up any spaces
In line with this, you can try combining minions and traps that will get you extremely quick kill times against any hero who tries to go against you.

After going through through battle, you have to go to the upgrade store to unlock more different types of minions, and to power up the minions that you already have
At this point, you can upgrade especially for the basic lil’ minion, which is cheap and speedy.

On the other side, when using manual traps, focus on where heroes are at before you let them off, because when they are used right, they can kill fast
But, when they are used incorrectly they can miss completely.

So try to aim them right in order to kill far more quickly than with automatic traps
At the same time, you can also use more manual traps to kill heroes as efficiently as possible.

In addition, this game requires shekels as the main currency
And, evilness is the premium currency.

In order to get 50 free shekels per shot, you can watch free advertisement videos available in the in-app purchase store.
On the other hand, in order to get more evilness, you are able to convert 1,000 shekels to 10 evilness in exchange.

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