Gems Cheats Castle Storm Free to Siege on Android

Castle Storm Free to Siege is a new castle defense game that will provide you a load of variety in the levels, ranging from Angry Birds-esque “destroy the castle” stages to side-scrolling hack-and-slash stages
Also, you will also meet more traditional levels where you release troops and watch them bring your victory.

castle storm free to siege tips

Every stage in this game has three stars that will allow you to earn in which you will have to beat the stage and the others from side tasks
You will have to accomplish a stage, such as collecting a certain number of shots in a row or killing enemies using a specific projectile, or finishing within a specified time limit.

Anyway, you do not have to earn all of these stars at once.
At this point, you can go back after beating a stage, and focus on completing one of the side tasks per round to gradually earn every star.

When you meet difficulty to earn those stars, you can firstly skip them and play through other stages, while working to earn more stars as you go.

So if you have more stars in that stage, you will unlock more troops and weapons to beat stages whether they are replayed or not replayed either

On the other side, you will also be able to earn more coins which you can use to upgrade your your troops as well as your weapons.
If you go for the tougher stars or stages, and you can try to beat them again after a few upgrades, and they will be easier to beat.

During the battle, try to concentrate your fire on the slow enemies, while instead switching to troop mode for the faster enemies, and sending them out to deal with them.
Meanwhile, if you are trying to deal with a fast enemy, you will lose that kill streak quickly.

For such reasons, you can try shooting as quickly and as accurately as possible
It is caused by when you hit a 10x killing streak, you will go into a shooting frenzy, so that you can fire spears over and over again without having to reload.
Once you hit the frenzy, you can use more than one finger at a time to tap the screen in order to shoot as quickly as possible.

Along the game, you will be assigned to collect gems which will be the premium currency of the game.
Instantly, you can earn gems by purchasing few bucks available on the iap store

Usually, you can collect gems from the gem store and work your way through the offer wall so that you will be able to unlock weapons early with those gems.
Note that just select the offers that are free to complete.

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