Strawberry Cheats Cat VS Cake on Android

Playing cat vs cake game will get you to lead the cat to gather up and eating strawberries scattered around the screen
Here, you must collect as many strawberries as possible as they are floating in the air.

cat vs cake tips

If you can collect those strawberries, your point value will increase
And, the more points you get, the better you will do on the leaderboards.

Along the way, you will also notice special cakes floating around.
Once you collect three of these treats, you will then must watch out for monster cakes, in which they can easily make a snack out of you if you are not careful.
So all you must do is to survive, so that you continue your collection-based flight.

Furthermore, some enemies will always get ready when you are on air
Because of this, you will need to avoid birds that get in the way.
If you come in contact with one, your flight is over.

Moreover, you will be assigned to collect little mini-cakes.
As you fly along, you will be capable of collecting these as well.
If you collect three, you will face a monster cake that will be ready to eat you.
If you avoid it, you can continue flying and collecting more strawberries.

On the other side, if you continue to hold down your thumb on the screen, the cat will keep flying through the top and reappear on the bottom.
Doing so will make you an easy lunch for the cake, so try and hover near the top or bottom instead of flying straight through as this will certainly save you from becoming a snack.

Anyway, you will be allowed to use the shield during your mission
The shield protects you temporarily from enemy birds as you fly along
In line with this, you can try flying into one and it will bounce right off you.
Remember that, you must watch for when the shield begins flashing as it will be an indication that it is about to disappear

In order to avoid the monster cake flying in the center of the screen during the game, you can try to fly near the top or bottom of the screen to get out of its way, so that you can collect the extra strawberries that follow it.

Besides avoiding the monster cake, you must also avoid birds
On occasion, a horde of birds will appear, in which you have to avoid them that you can do to continue thrusting until they pass.
In addition, you must make sure you stop when the birds are gone, whereby you will have to gather any strawberries scattered along the screen.

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