Money and Rare Cards Cheats Cerberus Age Android

If you want to get cards for free in cerberus age game, you can invite friends using your own invitation code to get free cards.
Invite other friends and make sure they have accepted your invite.

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Make sure that they have completed the tutorial so that you will get a free rare card as a reward.
Do this for every single friend that you invite to the game.
You can post messages on Facebook and Twitter to get free rare cards.
Every 7 posts to 28 posts on Facebook and Twitter will give you a rare card

Focus on limited edition events of the Ancient Ghost of Grashad Tower to have chances to earn rare cards via special event summons.
In addition to all of these specialized summons, you even have a shot at summoning a rare card using a good old fashioned bronze summon, even though it is a slim chance.
Just finish the tutorial to win a free care card.
After getting the rare card, make it into the leader of your party as soon as possible to get the most powerful card.

Tips to summon monsters using tokens such as silver, gold and platinum tokens
Try to summon monsters of varying rarity, from rare to super rare to ridiculously rare with using those token.
Just go into the Coliseum and start fighting to get silver and gold tokens depending on what rank you fight in the battle.
You have to accomplish chapter 3 in the quest to get a free platinum token which enables to do the rarest of all summons which would normally cost 60 Coins to do.

This game is a free TCG on an epic scale filled with stunning tons of beautifully drawn characters and astonishing visuals
Try to strengthen your deck through Inheritance and power up your characters with it then take your sword and ride to battle once more
Turn your favorite card into your mightiest weapon
In order to beat the bosses in cerberus age you have to team up with your friends
Always work together with your allies or friends to defeat aggressive bosses you encounter on your quests
You have to join forces and reign victorious
Before going into battle you can test your strength in the Coliseum
You can challenge another player from any kingdom in the Coliseum to know how far is your power
Try to use your wits to win the battle

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